optuna_dashboard.register_preference_feedback_component(study, component_type, artifact_key=None)

Register a preference feedback component to the study.

With this feature, you can change the component, displayed on the human feedback pages. By default, the Markdown note (component_type="note") is displayed. If you specify component_type="artifact", the viewer for the specified artifact file will be displayed.

  • study (PreferentialStudy) – The study to register the preference feedback component.

  • component_type (OUTPUT_COMPONENT_TYPE) – The component type, displayed on the human feedback pages (default: "note").

  • user_attr_artifact_key – This option is required when the component_type is "artifact". The user attribute, which is specified this field, must contain the ``artifact``id you want to display on the human feedback page.

  • artifact_key (str | None)

Return type: